Thermedx® FluidSmart™ Fluid Management System


Clear intraoperative visibility, simple touch screen setup and operation and exceptional patient safety across Gynecology, Urology, and Orthopedic applications.


The FluidSmart™ System is an innovative endoscopic solution for Gynecology, Urology, and Orthopedic irrigation applications that facilitates patient safety and cost efficiency outcomes in acute care and ambulatory surgery centers.

The system offers simple setup, facilitates a clear field of view for the surgeon intraoperatively, offers on demand fluid warming and displays accurate, real-time fluid deficit throughout procedures.



Simple Set-Up and
Procedure Selection

  • Innovative cartridge design allows for effortless installation
  • Touch screen set-up and procedures menu
  • Pre-settings for surgical procedures provide ideal pressure for surgical application

On-Demand Fluid
Warming (Up to 40º C)

  • Facilitates enhanced patient well-being

Adjustable Pressure
Settings (Non-Pulsatile Flow)

  • Clear field of view, impeccable surgeon visibility

Flow Rate

  • Automatic flow rate adjustment provides constant pressure for even distention

    • Gynecology: Max 800 ml/min.
    • Urology: Max 750 ml/min.
    • Orthopedics: Max 500 ml/min.

Continual Irrigation

  • Change fluid bags and canisters without interrupting surgical  procedure 

Convenient Operation

  • Convenient low fluid bag position, easy fluid bag change
  • Annual calibration allows for minimal maintenance

Substantial Safety

  • Configurable alarms for perforation, deficit and pressure
  • Over pressure mechanical relief valve integrated into tubing set
  • Print summary of procedure data (during and/or after case)
  • Convenient view of live procedure data

Fluid Deficit Monitoring
(Deficit Alarm up to 2,500 ml)

  • Real time monitoring and display of fluid deficit 




Default Pressure-Flow-Deficit Ranges


Mechanical Dimensions

  • Height (on stand): 55" (1397 mm)
  • Width: 26" (660mm)
  • Depth: 26" (660mm)
  • Weight: 95 lbs (43 kg)


Power Cord

  • Length: 20 ft (6.1 m)
  • Electrical: 120VAC, 60 Hz, 16A, (requires dedicated 20A outlet)


Temperature Set-Point

  • User selectable 37- 40 °C, tolerance +3°C
  • Over temperature protection at max 46°C +3°/-0°C


Irrigation Bag Capacity

  • 1-5 liters per hook


Suction Canister Capacity

  • 3 liters maximum per canister
  • Up to 4 suction canisters can be accommodated


Fluid Measurement Accuracy

  • +/- 250ml or +/- 10% of fluid pumped (whichever is greater)



  • 15.5°C to 25.5°C, 30 to 75% relative humidity



  • -40°C to 70°C, 25 to 95% relative humidity, and pressure within 50 to 106 kPa.



  • 0°C to 40°C, 25 to 95% relative humidity, and pressure within 50 to 106 kPa.




Device is not manufactured using natural rubber latex components

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What's Included

Thermedx® FluidSmart™ Fluid Management System

1 Included

Printer Paper

2 Included

What's Required

Inflow Tubing Set

Case of 10

Inflow - Outflow Tubing Set

Case of 5

What's Optional

Hi-Flow Canister Kit

3,000 mL (cc)
Case of 36

Specimen Collection Adaptor For Hi-Flow Canister Kit

Case of 40

Allen® Quiet Floor Suction System

Case of 30
Available In US Only

#O-EC51, #O-EC52
Easy Catcher® Disposable System

Sterile & Non-sterile
Case of 10*

Yellofins® Elite Stirrups with Lift-Assist™

1 Pair

*Specify rail type: US, EU, UK, Japan


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